eating disorders, eating disorder awarenessEating Disorders

Two of the most well-known eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, characterized by a dramatically low calorie intake, and bulimia nervosa, which involves cycles of binge eating and purging. Left untreated, eating disorders can become life threatening. Professional counselling can treat these conditions and help people overcome issues with their weight, body image and food intake.

Body image refers to your personal relationship with your body. This includes all of the beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions you have about your body. It does not refer to what your body actually looks like. Our body is one of many aspects of who we are, but for many of us it is the dominating source of our sense of self.

Many people would rather change their bodies than change their body image. They prefer to undergo plastic surgery, starvation diets, and extreme workouts rather than focus on learning to like their bodies. Your body image has little to do with your body’s outward appearance. It is much more meaningful to learn to appreciate your uniqueness – you are unlike any other person in the world and this is a cause for celebration.

Some symptoms of eating disorders

  • Restrictive food intake or Binge eating
  • Obsessing about food, weight or body image
  • Excessive exercise
  • Abusing laxatives or diet pills
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • A rapid oscillation in body weight
  • Self-induced vomiting after meals

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