Trauma Sensitive Yoga

We are proud to offer Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes twice per week.

Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm & 
Thursdays @ 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Location: #206 – 1118 Homer Street

Fee: $35 per session.

Class Size: Space is limited to a maximum of 5 participants so please register early

Attire: Comfortable Clothes (Yoga mats provided unless you want to bring your own)

Facilitator: Ruth-Ann Stewart, MA. Psych, RCSW, RYT 200

This form MUST be opened in Adobe  Acrobat Reader. Once you have completed the form please press the submit button or you can save the form to your computer and send it to as an attachment.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a practice that is designed specifically for those who have suffered emotional trauma. Many trauma survivors suffer from a range of ailments such as PTSD, dissociation, stress, irritability, depression and anxiety. Trauma Sensitive Yoga is designed specifically for this audience, in a safe and confidential environment, with sensitivity towards language, postures, breath work and assists.

Trauma tends to keep people focused on the past. Trauma survivors often replay traumatic events over and over again in their minds. Trauma Sensitive Yoga has a strong focus on “being in the present moment” as you go through postures and connect breath to the movement.

  • Bring a new awareness to what is going on emotionally as well as physically to develop a friendliness with the body and mind.
  • Build up the capacity to manage uncomfortable physical and emotional situations without becoming triggered or overwhelmed.
  • Develop mindfulness and the ability to focus on the present moment.
  • Learn ways to calm the body and increase activation of the body.
  • Rebuild a sense of confidence, empowerment and connection with others.

Trauma Sensitive yoga is slow and gentle. You are given the opportunity to become reacquainted with your body. There is absolutely no experience required; we strive to make the classes accessible to everybody regardless of physical ability. You are welcome to make choices from the moment you step onto your yoga mat or sit on your chair. You are continually encouraged to decide when you are ready to back off from a pose or when you wish to challenge yourself to explore further.


There will be time before and after each 60-minute yoga class for debriefing.

Please wear anything that you feel comfortable to move in. You can also bring some layers so that if you get too warm or cold, you have options to keep yourself comfortable.

It is possible that you may feel overwhelmed or “triggered” during the class. It is very normal since you are coming into connection with your body and it can bring up new feelings and/or body sensations. If this happens and you need support, you can choose to find a comfortable posture that helps you feel safe and grounded until you feel calmer. You may talk to Ruth-Ann Stewart ahead of time if there are things that you think might cause a trigger or reaction for you. During class, we will be available to help you if needed to feel a sense of safety.

No. We do not offer hands on assist throughout the class. Each of us has our own mat and this will be our private space to practice. It is important that you feel in charge of your own practice at all times during class.

The Instructor will call you prior to inclusion in the program. We do not need to know details about your past experiences, but we do need to know if this is the right time and the right kind of class for you. The Instructor may also need to contact your therapist and we would ask you to sign a consent to release information form if necessary.

Class and participants are confidential.

5 participants per class. First come, first served basis so please register early. Clients do not need to participate every week but, due to space limitations, we request that you sign up in advance for each class and provide sufficient notice of cancellation to allow anyone on a wait list to join.