A Successful Relationship Takes Work, Insight, and Commitment – and the Rewards Can Be Priceless

The Lasting Relationship

One hallmark of success in life may be the ability to sustain a lasting relationship. People in lasting relationships tend to live longer and stay healthier. They report more happiness in life, more rewarding social interactions, and lower instances of substance abuse. An important aspect of living within a successful lasting relationship is that a person not only feels loved, but also is able to share love with somebody else.  Sharing love with a partner allows us to experience trust, nurturance, and a feeling of belonging. When we spend our life with another person we have a feeling of continuity which may otherwise be difficult to attain.

Bring Your Best Abilities into Your Relationship

A person who has examined his or her own life and has developed skills for living well has a better chance of ensuring long-term stability in a relationship. Research into successful relationships indicates that –

  • Both partners are knowledgeable about themselves and they are eager to learn about their mates. When you recognize your own abilities and limitations you can enhance the success of your relationship.
  • There is a lot of talking.  Therefore both partners are free to communicate.  They know that the other is listening and able to engage in a mutual dialog.
  • Both people feel free to disclose personal information. This is not to suggest that every little issue has to be discussed. Indeed, good personal boundaries characterize the healthy relationship. But partners in a successful relationship have the choice to self-disclose when it is appropriate.
  • The partners are minimally critical of each other’s behavior. Therefore the message that comes through is one of respect, acceptance, and love.

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