Residential Historical Abuse Program (RHAP)Residential Historical Abuse Program (RHAP)

Stewart  & Associates is a contracted service provider for the Residential Historical Abuse Program (RHAP).  Click here for more information.  Please complete and submit the Application Form.

The Residential Historical Abuse Program (RHAP) funds counselling for adults who were sexually abused as children.  People often experience distress, anxiety, pain or other problems as a result of childhood sexual abuse.

If you were sexually abused when you were a child living in a BC provincial government foster home, group home, or residential facility, you may be eligible to have RHAP pay for your counselling.

What is Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse is any sexual contact between an older, more powerful person and a child. This may involve kissing, fondling, sexual intercourse, and/or being encouraged to sexually touch your own body or someone else’s. Other examples include being photographed for sexual purposes, being asked to expose your body or being forced into sexual activity with other children.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for RHAP, you must sign a statement that says:
• you currently live in British Columbia and are over 19 years old
• you were under the age of 19 when you were sexually abused
• at the time of the abuse, you were living in a home or residential facility funded by the Province of British Columbia