personal growthPersonal Growth

Personal growth is a process of self-exploration and skill building which can improve a persons’ overall quality of life. It can be applied to all aspects of a person; emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual, and these skills can be used at any point throughout life. It uses many aspects of coaching and counselling to improve awareness, self-understanding, nurture relationships and sharpen abilities. Personal growth is about uncovering exactly what is important to you and developing skills that will contribute to these values.

Many people feel stuck at different points in their lives. This can mean trapped in a career or a life situation, or simply stuck with a feeling of discontentment. It can be confusing and frustrating, and the reasons for these feelings can be unknown. Sometimes a person may be accomplishing all that they set out to accomplish, but are not experiencing the enjoyment they previously assumed they would. This can be relevant to relationships, career, personal identity, spirituality, sports and fitness, and personal finance. Personal growth counselling is appropriate for anyone experiencing a lack of fulfillment. It can also be of great benefit to anyone wishing to improve their effectiveness and maximize their capacity for the enjoyment of life.

What can personal growth counselling help with?

  • Improving self esteem
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Building confidence
  • Improving effectiveness
  • Self-understanding
  • Anger management techniques
  • Dealing with loneliness
  • Overcoming confusion

Each person is shaped by a different set of skills, beliefs, and experiences. It is important that individuals strive toward personal definitions of success and not those set by others or by the environment. By bringing into cons what truly gives you fulfillment and happiness into conscious light, we can develop goals that will maximize your experience. It is also important for people to continually step outside themselves and analyze objectively, which can be difficult.

Personal growth counselling will help a person maximize congruence: a state of being where beliefs and values are aligned with speech and action. It will help a person with self-understanding, capacity for achievement, and the ability to better enjoy life at any instant. It is a lifetime journey, and by working on personal growth in a professional environment, each person will take away skills that can be used at any point in the future.

All counsellors at Stewart & Associates are able to work on personal growth issues with their clients.

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