Grieving – Our Heartfelt Response to a Major Loss

Grieving, grief, loss,Grieving is a process of experiencing our reactions to loss.  It is similar to mourning. The term bereavement means the state, not the process, of suffering from a loss. Normal grieving is an expected part of the process of recuperating from a loss.  The intensity of the process comes as a surprise to most people.  For many it becomes one of their most significant life experiences.  People have their own individual grief responses.  No two people will experience the process in the same way.

Grieving comes to most of us at some point in our lives.  In fact, statistics show that each person can expect to experience the loss of a loved one  every nine to thirteen years.  The resulting sadness may be the most painful of life’s experiences.  Because it is painful, however, our eventual adaptation to the loss can bring meaning and integrity to our lives.  This, ultimately, is a gift to us from the one we have lost.  It is a reminder to us that the circle is unbroken.

Suggestions for Experiencing Grief

  • Allow yourself to grieve and feel the depth of your loss
  • Accept the help of others and let them know what you need
  • Be realistic in processing your grief
  • Find ways to express your feelings
  • Submit to the grief process and take care of your needs

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