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Stewart & Associates is a registered service provider for the First Nations Health Authority.  The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. In 2013, the FNHA assumed the programs, services, and responsibilities formerly handled by Health Canada’s First Nations Inuit Health Branch – Pacific Region. Our vision is to transform the health and well-being of BC’s First Nations and Aboriginal people by dramatically changing healthcare for the better

Mental Wellness means a lot more than the absence of mental illness – it takes in all areas of a person’s life. ​Mental wellness is the presence of factors that promote and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Mental wellness and substance use are priorities for many BC First Nations. While challenges vary from community to community, there are certain key contributing factors. Some include:

  • Colonization and assimilation
  • Systemic discrimination and racism
  • Child Apprehension
  • Land dispossession
  • Loss of tradition, language and culture
  • The legacy of residential schools
  • Intergenerational trauma and its effects

Mental Health Support Programs for Indian Residential Schools (IRS)

Support of those who have suffered abuses in Indian Residential Schools include mental health counseling, transportation to attend counseling or to be assisted by an Elder or Healer, and the services of a Resolution Health Support Worker.

Guide to Mental Health Counselling Services

If you have a Status Card and a BC Personal Health Number (BC Care Card) please call our office at 604-687-7171 to complete the Prior Approval Form over the phone and schedule your first appointment.