Ruth-Ann Stewart, Registered Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Director

Ruth-Ann Stewart, MA Psych, RCSW
Reg #4407, Clinical Director

Office Hours:
Tuesday to Friday (12:00 pm to 7:00 pm)

Ruth-Ann will be on vacation starting Feb 16th, returning Feb 27th.

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Ruth-Ann is usually in back to back sessions all day and may not respond to messages for up 24 hours.

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Ruth-Ann is accepting new clients!
$135 per session for Individual Counselling
$160 per session for Family or Couples Counselling


Ruth-Ann Stewart is a seasoned counselling specialist who has been in the helping profession for over 35 years and in private practice for over 25 years. She has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients including children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families from various ethnic and economic backgrounds. Ruth-Ann has experience as an Instructor / Teacher for several colleges and universities.

Ruth-Ann Stewart has deep knowledge of numerous First Nations communities and the unique challenges they face.  She is a contracted service provider to most EAPs and other government programs including: E4Health, HCEAP, FSEAP, HumanaCare, Arete, Solareh, CVAP, ICBC, CannAmm, Nisga’a, FNHA, RHAP, Squamish Nation, Inter Tribunal Health Authority, etc.


Ruth-Ann Stewart is a Registered Clinical Social Worker and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She received her Early Childhood Education Certificate in 1978, and went on to complete her Bachelor Degree in Social Work in 1983. Ruth-Ann interned at the Children’s Psychiatric Outpatients’ Unit at VGH and the Ministry of Social Services. In 1990, she returned to school to complete an internship in Bowenian Multigenerational Family Systems Therapy at the North Shore Counselling Centre. In 1996, Ruth-Ann completed the Masters of Counselling Psychology Program at Antioch University, specializing in couples and families.

Ruth-Ann has specialized training to work with adult survivors of sexual abuse, first nations residential school survivors, critical Incident stress debriefing, leadership/life coaching, conflict resolution, EMDR, Trauma Therapy and she is a certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga instructor.

Treatment Philosophy

Although Ruth-Ann adheres to the multi-generational family systems framework, her approach to counselling varies depending upon the issues to be resolved, and your needs. Ruth-Ann’s counselling approach may include, but is not limited to; Family of Origin work, Person-Centered, Cognitive, Behavioral, Existential, Humanistic, Yoga for Trauma. Depression and Anxiety and Brief-Solution Focused.  She will use those tools that she believes will most benefit you.

Much of her work has been with anxiety and depression, trauma survivors, substance misuse, loss and grief, obsessive-compulsive disorder, life transition, personal growth, residential school trauma, career exploration, coaching, and relationship issues.

Ruth-Ann acknowledges that many issues that are presented in therapy go back to early childhood. She does not necessarily believe that the client should live in the past, but she does believe that we often need to go back in order to move ahead.

Ruth-Ann Stewart does not guarantee any particular outcome of treatment. However, she will use her skills and perform all of her services for you in a professional, competent manner. The course of treatment hinges on such factors as the severity and duration of the issue as well as the motivation and cooperation of the client.