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Candace Marshall has been working as a clinical counsellor since 2013 and is currently in her third year of her PhD in the Counselling Psychology program at UBC. While her clinical focus encompasses a broad range of life challenges and mental health issues, she is currently developing an expertise working with men’s issues and individuals challenged by PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Candace Marshall is a contracted services provider to Cann/Amm Occupational Testing Services and HumanaCare.  Her services are also covered by many extended health benefits plans.  Please contact your plan provider to determine if you have coverage.

Work Experience

Candace graduated from UBC’s Counselling Psychology Program in 2013.  She completed her practicum placement at Stewart & Associates in 2013 and has been an Associate Counsellor since January 2014. Candace has been a guest lecturer at various secondary schools and was a Master’s Level Counselling Supervisor Trainee at the New Westminister / UBC Counselling Centre.  Candace’s training and experience has given her the opportunity to work with adults, adolescents, children, couples and families from various cultural, socioeconomic and familial backgrounds presenting a wide variety of client concerns.

Counselling Orientation & Philosophy

Candace practices from a Feminist / Relational Cultural orientation that focuses on empowering her clients and examining the relational / interpersonal and sociopolitical factors that inhibit individuals from living their lives to the fullest. As such, she is deeply committed to ensuring that the therapeutic relationship is always at the forefront of her work with clients because regardless of any practitioner’s orientation, research across the board unequivocally demonstrates that a good therapeutic relationship is one of the most important factors in positive client outcomes.

Candace will often ‘think outside the box’ whilst also utilizing empirically supportive treatment approaches and techniques that include but are not limited to Gestalt, Client-Centered, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Systems and Art therapy.  Her rationale for an integrative approach is based on the belief that not all approaches are a ‘good fit’ for all clients. For this reason, she is deeply committed to understanding which approach will facilitate positive outcomes based on the uniqueness of the client and client’s goals.

When individuals come to counselling, it is often because they want something to be different in their lives. You may want to solve a particular problem, make a decision, or better understand your life or yourself. Together, we will explore your feelings, concerns and the changes that you want to make. When both you and I understand your situation, I am committed to working together to meet your goals for counselling.

Other Professional Work

Here’s a video clip of Candace working with Canadian veterans in an interdisciplinary project that combined counselling psychology and theater.  This project allowed veterans to tell their stories about the difficulties and challenges they face transitioning from military life back to civilian life.

You can read the full story here.

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Career Counselling
LGBTQ Issues
Grief & Loss
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Men’s Mental Health
Sexual Abuse
Grief & Loss
Life Crisis
Life Transition
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