AltruismThe More You Give,
The More You Receive


Too few of us are in touch with a lifestyle choice that can bring us a wealth of happiness, integrity, and wellness. Altruism, or giving to others, has grown out of favor over the past several decades.  However it has been a feature of human interaction throughout history. Indeed, a spirit of cooperation and giving has always been a hallmark of what binds a group or even a society together. Two people sharing their resources can produce more than two individuals acting alone in most circumstances.

Many people take the attitude that they work hard for what they have, so why should they give anything to another person or an organization? Over the past several decades our culture has seen a shift away from giving toward a focus on self-interest. This shift coincides with a weakening of our sense of community, the breakdown of the nuclear (and extended) family, higher divorce rates, increased emotional diagnoses for children, and increased stratification of the social and economic orders. Guided by self-interest and greed, rather than compassion and sharing, some in our society continue to grow wealthier while many others drift down into poverty. Over the past decades, people’s ties to each other have weakened, and more people feel lonely. Violence has increased, as have human suffering and environmental destruction.

More people these days feel disconnected from others and question whether their lives have meaning.  They find security in acquiring material goods – the latest technological tool, the current handbag, the trendiest automobile. Adhering to self-interest has not left us individually, or as a society, in an emotionally healthy state.

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